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Probability Word Problems

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High School Statistics - HSS-IC.B.6

Tips for Probability Word Problems - Solving word problems is in the curriculum for kids extensively these days, given that they have to solve them by understanding the mathematical aspect of the problem. However, when you are solving probability problems, you need to follow the below-mentioned number of steps. The first step is to identify the experiment and those events by which we need to find the probability. Find out the number of potential outcomes of the experiment and previously mentioned events. Find the probability by the events identified in the first step and values from the second step. Now, you can utilize different laws of probability to find out the forecast of your problem, such as multiplication rule, addition rule etc. These worksheets and lessons help students aquire skills needed to tackle word probability that include the use of probability.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Probability Word Problems (Cards and Dice)

A wheel of fortune followed by cards and dice.

  • Practice 2 - A wheel of fortune has 12 white, 6 blue and 2 red sectors. You’ll win $10 for spinning a red sector and $5 for spinning a blue one. Tom and John decide to try their luck.
  • Practice 3 - Mary has a deck of cards. She draws one card at random, puts it back and draws another one. F
  • Practice 4 - A lottery wheel contains 25% winning tickets. John buys two tickets. What’s the probability of...

Mixed Probability Word Problems Worksheets

Random choice situations are presented to you.

  • Practice 2 - A box contains 4 cards with the letters P, O, S and T. You take out a card and then put it back into the box. Doing that two times, what are the probabilities of drawing...
  • Practice 3 - Mary has the following coins in her wallet: 3 quarters, 4 dimes and 7 nickels. Taking out one coin at random, what are the probabilities of...
  • Practice 4 - Sally and Mary are buying a bag of candies for each of them. A bag contains a variety of candies with the following flavors: 5 caramel, 6 chocolate, 5 lemon and 4 apple. Each girl takes out a candy at random from her own bag.


Every situation you are presented with here is completely different.

  • Sheet 2 - In a survey, 2000 people were asked about their preferences on the size of cars. 45% of the participants were women. 40% of the men and 60% of the women said they like small cars, the rest prefers big cars.
  • Sheet 3 - In a town, 25% of all inhabitants have black hair and 30% have blue eyes. 10% have both black hair and blue eyes.
  • Sheet 4 - Out of 200 students, 130 have their own computer and 85% their own Smartphone. 55% have both a computer and a Smartphone.