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Longer and Shorter Worksheets

This is one of those skills that we teach youngsters that they seem to pick up quickly, but they often when they need to apply it to a slightly different scenario than the one, we gave them to start, they have difficulty. That is because this entire concept is relative. What is long to one person is not to another. A ten-foot ladder may seem long, but next to a seventy-five-foot ladder, it is a baby. As a result, this skill is as much a comparison as much as it is measurement skill. These worksheets and lessons help students will help students be able to compare the length of objects and label the longest and shortest object in each group.

Aligned Standard: K.MD.A.1

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Lesson Sheets

Sorry about the ninja. I promised my grandson I would add it for his preschool class.

  • Ninja Lesson 1 - As we can see, that the first ninja is longer. The second ninja is smaller than the first one. We underline the longer ninja: the first ninja.
  • Lesson 2 - Out of the 4 objects given, the third is the longest. Color in the third object.
  • Lesson 3 - We need to compare the height (the vertical measurement) of the 2 butterflies. I like to draw straight lines. The shortest line shows us the shorter object.
  • Lesson 4 - The BIGGER picture takes up more of the paper. We can clearly see that the 1st dog takes up much more space on the paper and is longer than the other dog.
  • Lesson 5 - The word longer means that we are looking for the goat that takes up more space. We can clearly see that the first goat takes up a lot more space. The 1st goat is longer.

Practice Worksheets

Simple comparisons for students to work with.

How to Teach Children the Difference Between Long and Short

Tall and Short Building

Words such as short and long can be simple to understand, but they might be an abstract concept for kids to grasp. The notions of long and short depend on the things around us. They are also relative to one another. So, a pencil might be longer to an eraser, but the same pencil will be considerably shorter against a 36-inch ruler. Size and just measurement is all in the eyes of the beholder. I might think I have big feet with my size 10 sneaker, but that would be considered a mini foot size in the WNBA.

Before you work on making your child compare objects, work on making your child understand these words. Most children require an understanding of the word before they can use it. Improve his understanding by teaching other basic opposites and keep repeating these words for better learning.

To help your child easily understand and differentiate between these common ideas, we have given a lowdown of the ways to teach these concepts.

1. Start teaching the concepts through real objects is always ideal for hands-on activities. Find real objects with one being long and other being short. Allow your child to study these objects and then introduce them to the nature of the objects.

2. You can teach the concepts of long and shirt by varying your instructions to your child. For example, you can tell your child to 'sit on the long bench'. Introduce and focus on these words in daily conversations.

3. Children learn better through visuals and pictures. Use pictures of different objects to clarify the concepts of long and short further.

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