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Which Has Fewer Worksheets

Comparing values is an important part of math. When we approach comparing two things there are words of description that we use that varies on how obtained our values. If we count physical objects in a set and compare it to another set, we use the word "fewer" to describe that comparison. This topic helps preschool students take the first and second steps required to work towards comparing numbers. These worksheets help students learn to make numeric comparisons and identify the group that has the least value.

Aligned Standard: K.CC.C.6

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Lesson Sheets

The focus is on comparing two sets. Then we advance to working with three sets.

  • Lesson 1 - Count the objects in both groups. There are 4 objects in first group, and 8 objects in second group.
  • Lesson 2 - We are looking for the smallest number. The third group only has 2. It is the winner.
  • Lesson 3 - There are 5 objects in the first group, 7 objects in the second group, and 6 objects in the third group.

Practice Worksheets

For advanced students, in Worksheet 3 I threw in some practice with adding with 10s.

  • Practice 1 - For each problem, circle the group that has the fewest members.
  • Practice 2 - In each row, draw a box around the group that has the least objects.
  • Practice 3 - Write the number that is ten less than the number given.
  • Practice 4 - Draw a box around the group that has the fewest objects.
  • Practice 5 - Circle the group that has the least number of objects.

Teaching Students the Concept of Fewer

More Less With Liquid

The concept of fewer is used when we are counting things and we are focused on the quantity of something as compared to a different set quantity. This is not to be confused with the term "less" which refers to a number or value. We know that the literal meaning of the word "less" is something that exists in a smaller value. These two terms are often confusing because they are both the direct opposite of the concept of more. Just remember that the term fewer is rooted in counting it could be better described as not as much.

In order to approach teaching this activity, make sure that your students are pretty fluid counters from 1 to 10. If you find that not everyone is there yet, review counting on this first day of this activity and slowly work in the next phase.

Students are at the age where we want them to be able to compare numbers. Helping students begin to be comfortable with this concept requires several steps. We first want to start them off with comparing visuals rather just throwing numbers at them, it is much more helpful to begin the process by giving them raw observation activities where they are comparing the counts of two things. One of the best activities that you can use is to give them manipulatives and the "More or Fewer" Game. Create series of 2 of the same objects set right next to one another. Each of the adjacent sets just needs to have differing numbers in them. The activity just has them label one of the sets as "More" and the other as "Fewer". If you feel that your students may struggle with this concept, just make this a three-part game. Part 1) Start by just having them identify the set with more. Part 2) Shift over to having them determine the set with less. Part 3) Once they are comfortable, have them identify one set as having more and the other as having less.

Once students are having a good deal of success with this skill using manipulative, it is time to move them on to our lessons and worksheets that you will find above. They do take this skill a step further rather than compare two sets, they work up to comparing three to four sets. A few of the skill sheets will also have students order the sets from least to greatest and vice versa.

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