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Measuring Height Worksheets

One of the first basic measurement that we work on with students is measuring height. We often take our time to approach using rulers. It is often best to start measuring height relatively with things that students are very familiar with. In our area almost all students participate in baseball or basketball even if they do not play on the area youth team, it is almost all our physical education do with them. It is safe to say that all of my students are familiar with a baseball and basketball. So, I begin this unit by measuring how tall things are related to a baseball or basketball. I'm 3 and a half basketballs or just under 8 baseballs tall. This series of lesson and worksheets will help students learn how to become comfortable measuring the relative height of a wide range of different object.

Aligned Standard: K.MD.A.2

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Lesson Sheets

We use boxes for measurement all the way through. The Guided Lesson uses multiple objects to measure.

  • Lesson 1 - Compare the length of soldier with height of the boxes. How many boxes does it take to reach the height of the soldier?
  • Lesson 2 - How many blocks high is the length of Cookie?
  • Lesson 3 - Look! It's a robot.
  • Guided Lesson - Use the numbers 4, 7, and 9 to describe the number of feet tall that each object is.

Practice Worksheets

We order heights. We measure height vertically and horizontally. We estimate weights.

  • Practice 1 - According to the boxes, what is the length of everything below?
  • Practice 2 - Write the number of vertical boxes tall that each object is.
  • Practice 3 - We move to measuring in a horizontal direction.
  • Practice 4 - Identify the weight and height of each and write them in the spaces provided.
  • Practice 5 - Order the animals from tallest to shortest. Write either their numbers or their names on the lines provided.

Words That Describe Height

Comparing Two Towers

The English vocabulary is filled with words that have the same meaning and even the same sounds. Sometimes it is a bit tough to figure out what the problem actually means because the words used in a mathematical problem can be confusing. The correct usage of the words is important in order to identify the context the word uses so that we may find the solution to a problem.

Let's take the example of the word height. There are many synonyms of this word used in different mathematical problems. Let's find out these words to quickly identify that the problem is talking about height. In most math problems you will see the following four words used often to describe the concept of the measure of height: length, high, long, and level. These are the words that you will easily find in mathematical problems.

Examples of Use: The example of a problem having one of these words is: There are two towers standing next to each other, one is 52 feet long and the other is half its length. Which of them is longer than the other? Here, the problem is referring to the height of the tower. Now if you ever come across these words, know that they are talking about the height.

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