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In Front and Behind Worksheets

You may not even think that these concepts should be found a website that is dedicated to math, but positional geometry is very much math based. The propositions in front of and behind are the first set of positional words that students explore after learning the concepts of above and below. The approaches to teaching them really build upon on another. The best way to approach these topics with students is to start in a hands-on environment with plenty of manipulatives available for them. These worksheets help youngsters learn the spatial concepts of in front of and behind. We encourage you to transition to these sheets after you feel they have a good handle on the concepts for reinforcement.

Aligned Standard: K.G.A.1

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Lesson Sheets

This would look like my grandson, if he had a block of cheese, too.

  • Lesson 1 - Draw an arrow from the words behind and front to the boy and the cheese.

Practice Worksheets

Students need to read carefully. The position they're aiming for changes with every sheet.

  • Practice 1 - Color in the chocolate that is behind the other two chocolates.
  • Practice 2 - The candy is in front of the dog. Color in the candy.
  • Practice 3 - Color in the object that is in front.
  • Practice 4 - We look to the back for this worksheet.
  • Practice 5 - Which object is behind?
  • Practice 6 - Label the front and behind positions.

What Is Meant by Front and Behind?

Front and Behind in School Bus

Working towards better understanding the use of objects, items and materials is very common in mathematics. There is a branch of math called geometry that is dedicated to it. It is not merely mathematics that deals with it; it is every course that has materials and objects in it. When there is so much involved, the hardest part is to figure out the sides of the objects.

In every object, there are two sides to it. One side is front and the other is behind. The front side refers to the exterior part of anything, building, person, or material that is directly facing the point of interest or perception of the viewer. It is the most forward part of an object. This normally is the first thing an observer will see when sensing the object. If it is a movable object, the moving side of the object is normally referred to as the front.

Similarly, behind refers to the part of an object, building or material that serves at the rear view of anything. It can be referred to as the back or rear of the object as well. Being located behind is that part of which is not directly in front of you, it can be any position located to the rear or back of the front.

If we take a look at the school bus found below, the school bus driver is located at the front of the bus. The kids that are locate to his rear are all located behind the driver.

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