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Front and Behind

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Aligned To Common Core Standard:

Precursor to Kindergarten - K.G.A.1

What Is Meant By Front and Behind? We all know that mathematics is the key to opportunities. It is no more merely a branch of science; it has an expanded role now and contributes to business finances, health and defense. The use of objects, items and materials is very common in mathematics. It is not merely mathematics that deals with it; it is every course that has materials and objects in it. When there is so much involved, the hardest part is to figure out the sides of the objects. In every object, there are two sides to it. One side is front and the other is behind. The front side refers to the exterior part of anything, building, person, or material. It is the side or part that is presenting itself right in front of the view that commonly and normally serves as the first sight of an object. It is the most forward part of an object. Similarly, behind refers to the part of an object, building or material that serves at the rear view of anything. It is that part of which is not rightly in front of you. Now you know the two sides, you can easily spot the difference between the two. These worksheets help youngsters learn the spatial concepts of in front of and behind.

Printable Worksheets and Lessons

Lesson Sheets

This would look like my grandson, if he had a block of cheese, too.

  • Lesson 1 - Draw an arrow from the words behind and front to the boy and the cheese.

Practice Worksheets

Students need to read carefully. The position they're aiming for changes with every sheet.

  • Practice 1 - Color in the chocolate that is behind the other two chocolates.
  • Practice 2 - The candy is in front of the dog. Color in the candy.
  • Practice 3 - Color in the object that is in front.
  • Practice 4 - We look to the back for this worksheet.
  • Practice 5 - Which object is behind?
  • Practice 6 - Label the front and behind positions.