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Place Values and Ten Times Differences

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Grade 5 Base Ten - 5.NBT.1

How to Compare the Place Values between Two Numbers? (i.e. the 5 in both of these numbers 857 and 45,986) - When studying number systems, the concept of place values is the most important ones. Grabbing the concept of place values firmly helps makes mathematical problems easy and less of a challenge. Each number comprises of different digits and each of these digits hold a unique value. Knowing the place values, we can determine the value of the number, compare two number systems, solve word problems, and round off numbers. Place values play a significant role in comparing two multi-digit numbers. To understand place values let us consider two numbers; 857 and 45,986. Both these numbers include the number five but the value of each of these 5s is different. Here is a comparison of these two numbers based on their place values; The 5 you see in 857 holds a tens value, which means it is adding 5 tens in the number, representing 50. The 5 you see in 45,986 holds the thousands value, which means it is adding 5 thousands in the number, representing 5000. Teo same digits will have a unique value in two different number systems.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Homework Sheets

Condense all the place values to move from expanded to standard number form.

  • Homework 1 - Put all those place values together and find a final sum.
  • Homework 2 - Which digit is in the hundreds' place, 455.232?
  • Homework 3 - What is the place value of the underlined digit?

Practice Worksheets

I do go a bit rogue with the decimal place values. This carries over to another skill.

Math Skill Quizzes

If the directions aren't clear enough, you can just circle the place values they are looking for.