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Using Coordinate Graphs Worksheets

What Are Coordinate Graphs? Graphs are an exciting way of visualizing a relationship. Coordinate graphs are no different to this phenomenon. It is a visual way of showing the relationship between two numbers – a relationship that specifies the link between two variables. The relationship is shown on a coordinate grid that consists of two perpendicular lines, or axes with numbers mentioned on both the axes according to a scale. One axis is the horizontal x-axis and the other is a vertical y-axis, and the point where these two axes meet is called the origin. The axes divide the whole plane into four distinct quadrants, with the right side's quadrant I and IV locating positive and negative y-axis and the left side quadrants II and III locating the positive and negative x-axis. The numbers on the coordinate graph locate the points and each point (a number on x-axis and a number on y-axis) becomes an ordered pair of numbers. The pairs are written in parentheses like this (2,5). It is important to remember the order of writing the point in a coordinate graph. The x-coordinate always comes first, and the y-coordinate is always second.

Aligned Standard: Grade 5 Geometry - 5.G.1

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Homework Sheets

Go and point out where that red diamond resides.

Practice Worksheets

I might be over stepping my bounds, but I expect students to understand what an oval and other basic shapes are here.

Math Skill Quizzes

You would never guess how many kids come up and ask you what "isosceles" means here. It is just a distracter.

  • Quiz 1 - At what point is the isosceles triangle?
  • Quiz 2 - At what point is the cloud callout?
  • Quiz 3 - Locate it, go!
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