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Graphing Data Sets

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Grade 3 Measurement - 3.MD.3

How Do You Decide What Type of Graph to use for a Data Set? Visualization of numeric data is an important concept of statistics, a major branch of mathematics. Kids must have a clear understanding of the differences between a line graph, a pie chart, and a bar graph. When you know the difference between all these graphs and charts, you will know exactly which type to use for a specific data set. Line Graph - To represent data with small differences, a line graph is an appropriate choice. It is specifically used for tracking changes over a short or a long period. Pie Chart - It is a useful data visualization tool that helps in comparison or parts of a whole. Pie charts cannot be used for tracking changes over time. Bar Graph - Bar graphs are a great choice for data sets, which involves changes in data over time. As a line graph is a useful tool to visualize small changes, a bar graph is a right choice for data involving larger changes over a period of time.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Homework Sheets

Student hobbies, going to the zoo, and decorating; sounds like a perfect graphing opportunity.

  • Homework 1- Jackson went to the school and meets some students. He made a graph of hobbies of the students.
  • Homework 2- Jared went to the zoo with his friends and saw some animals. The number of each animal can be seen in the table.
  • Homework 3- Tio wants to decorate his home. So he buys some home items. He buys Lamps, Bed, Alarm clocks and Dressers.

Practice Worksheets

See what you think of the different scenarios I setup here.

  • Practice 1- Davis went to the fruit market. Make a bar graph of the number of fruits he bought.
  • Practice 2- Based on the bar graph above, which was the favorite piece of clothing?
  • Practice 3- 18 boys voted for their favorite Airlines. Lufthansa was the most popular choice. The results of survey can be seen below. Create a bar graph using the space below.

Math Skill Quizzes

Some of these require you to think as soon as you introduce a fourth bar of data.

  • Quiz 1- 68 boys voted for their favorite accessories. Watches were the most popular choice. The results of survey can be seen below.
  • Quiz 2- Women voted for their favorite flower. Lillie was the most popular choice. The results of survey can be seen below.
  • Quiz 3- Maria goes to the musical instruments shop. She made a bar graph of the items she saw. See if you can too.