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Represent Mixed Numbers on a Number Line

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Aligned To Common Core Standard:

Grade 3 Fractions - 3.NF.2

How to Represent a Mixed Number on a Numbers Line? - Locating whole numbers on a number line is the most basic concept of mathematics. A number line is a tool that helps kids learn to skip counting, addition, as well as subtraction. After a kid develops a strong understanding of locating a whole number on a number line, they proceed to locating fractions and finally mixed numbers. A mixed number is a number that consists of an integer and a proper fraction. Locating proper fractions on a number line is easy, but a lot of kids find it difficult to locate mixed numbers on a number line. Let us take a mixed number 24/5; It consists of an integer, 2 and a proper fraction, 4/5. We can say that this mixed number will come between 2 and 3 on the number line as it is greater than 2 and smaller than 3. You start by dividing the segment between 2 and 3 in 5 equal parts.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Practice Worksheets

Students make sure to take time to clearly understand what they are asking of you here.

  • Practice 1- Find the value of all the X points below.
  • Practice 2- Fill in the missing whole numbers.
  • Practice 3- Find the position each point listed.

Homework Worksheets

We start stepping up the skill a bit. We remove more reference points to use as keys.

  • HW 1- Label the position by using the letter for each value.
  • HW 2- We lead the students a bit because a single box indicates a whole number value.
  • Skill Walkthrough- We show students how to master this skill in a full walk through.


See how well you get the hang of this material. The quizzes are progressively more difficult.

  • Quiz 1- We slowly take away more reference points for students to reflect on.
  • Quiz 2- You are only given a single reference to base all your answers off of. Remember to label your way through it.

Take a Look at an Example Problem

Place the missing values on the numbers line.

Number line with missing Mixed Numbers

Step 1) Whole Number Values - Our first task is to fill in the missing whole number values. We can use the set whole numbers as a guide. As you will see below. Wherever that whole number value starts, it continues until the next whole number. You will see that we use a distinct color for each whole number value.

whole numbers

Step 2) Find denominator of fraction – We count the number of intervals between each whole number. That value is the denominator of the fraction.


Step 3) Find numerator of fraction – We count the number of intervals between each whole number and the point that the arrow lands at indicates the numerator of each fractional portion of the mixed number.