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Visual Sum and Difference Word Problems Worksheets

How to Convert What You See into Numbers - Just like us, many of you might have wondered too why we need to learn mathematics. Probably it is important because everything around comes in measured terms. From counting ml's in your glass of milk to telling time and keeping track of your pocket money, you deal with numbers all the time. So, here we share a few tips on how to convert your daily activities into numbers. Bake or cook with measurements - Learn about numbers and measurements and ratios, while you cook amazing treats in the kitchen. For example, you need 2 cups of flour to make a 2-pound cake, 1.5 teaspoons in 1 cup of tea. Tell time- Ditch digital clocks, and get back to the basic analog clocks. Tell or calculate time like; 10 mins left for your mathematics class to get over; you will get into bed at 10 p.m, 5 mins till you reach your home. Handle you pocket money- Handling your pocket money will help you play with numbers. Calculate how much money you have spent and how much you have in hand for the rest of the month. For example: left with $10 for the rest ten days. These worksheets can help students begin to make math connection to their everyday.

Aligned Standard: Grade 1 Numbers - 1.NBT.6

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This is great to work on right after they master their counting skills.

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We slowly evolve to using word problems. The progression I have set up here works great, when done in order.

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