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Organizing and Understanding Data

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Aligned To Common Core Standard:

Grade 1 Operations - 1.MD.4

Why Is It Important to Organize Data Before You Evaluate It? Do word problems intimidate you? If it's a yes, we have a secret trick to share with you to solve the problems within minutes. Before we conclude anything, we need to have facts and data about it, don't we? Mathematical word problems are just the same. The wordiness is confusing and the data is all over the place. To evaluate these word problems and draw a conclusion, organizing the data is very important. In broad terms, organizing the data is the method of classifying and organizing hap hazarded data sets into a more useful form. The sets of data allow to choose a strategy in order to come up with a solution. This technique is a very useful problem – solving strategy. Organizing makes the problem look easy, workable, and in an ordered manner. Identifying the relations and patterns between two or more quantities becomes easy. Moreover, it presents the data in a more logical and more informative manner, which makes easy to look critically into the data, find out patterns and relationship, and make a conclusion. Students learn how to manage the use of data in columns and rows through the use of data charts and tables.

Guided Lessons

This is my favorite skill for kids at this age. They can be so creative here.

  • Lesson 1 - Make a system to sort the birds and other animals. Man, I gave it away!
  • Lesson 2 - You will never believe some of the sorting system I have seen on this one.
  • Comparing Sets of Objects Guided Lesson 3 - We use the skills here to make sure that we can clearly identify visuals.

Practice Worksheets

This is the start of graphing skills. It is important that kids have a solid foundation here.