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Ones and Tens Place Values

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Grade 1 Numbers - 1.NBT.2

What Are Ones and Tens Place Values? Every digit, be it a two-digit number or more than two digits, has a place value. To make up large numbers, mathematics uses a system that is known as a place value system. It is the place of a digit in a number represented by its position in the number. The very first position in a digit is the ones position, and the second position is the tens position, moving from right to left. For example, the number 58 is a two-digit number. Understanding the position of 5 and 8 in this number is the understanding of place value. In this two-digit number, there are two place values. Understanding that 58 is made up of 50 and 8 rather than 5 and 8 is important. The place values increase with the addition of digits in the number. In the above example, 58, the place of 8 is at ones position and the place of 5 is at tens position. As the digits increase, the place values go from ones to tens to hundreds to thousands and so on, from right to left. These worksheets introduce the concept of place value held within double digit numbers.

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