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Indirect Measurement Word Problems Worksheets

How do you approach indirect length word problems? To understand how you can solve problems that use indirect length, you will need to imagine a few scenarios. For example, Jean and Ellie are studying science in the library. They were looking at pictures of animals from the past and present. They were interested in checking the heights of three animals, a dog, a kangaroo, and a dinosaur. They wanted to find out the tallest and the shortest animal between the three. In this problem, Jean and Ellie will cut out the pictures of Dinosaur, Kangaroo, and Dog one by one. The word tallest will be used for identifying which of these animals is the biggest. The word smallest will tell us which animal has the shortest height. Now let us look at those three animals; you can see that the Dinosaur is the tallest among the three. So, Jean and Ellie wrote, "the tallest animal" below the Dinosaur's picture. The smallest animal in the list is the dog, so Jean and Ellie wrote "The shortest animal" below its picture. The kangaroo is lying in the middle with its height greater than the dog's height and being shorter than the dinosaur. These worksheets help students find information about measures using other known measures that are present.

Aligned Standard: Grade 1 Measurement - 1.MD.1

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Guided Lessons

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Practice Worksheets

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How to Perform This Skill

Some of the problems in this section will provide you with a reference measurement key or standard of some kind to allow you to compare each of the items that it presents you with. The basic question is which of the items is the smallest and which is the tallest. You may also be asked to order the measures of the items. This involves a quick measure comparison. The other types of problems require you to have some background knowledge about each of items. An example may be which is large a tennis ball or basketball?

We will take time to walk you through solving a basic indirect measurement problem below. Take a look at these skyscrapers and order them by height.

Example Problem: Refer to the images of the 3 buildings below. Using the red boxes to the left as a point of reference, order these building from tallest to shortest.

Three Building Measurement Problem


Step 1: The first things we want to do is to find out the starting and ending measure for the top and the bottom of each building. Refer to the lines that we have drawn on the diagram below. The green line shows the bottom of all 3 buildings which is the same for all three. The tallest building will have their top line be the furthest distance away from this line. The shortest building will have their top line closest to the green line.

Extending Measures With Arrows


Step 2: In this case, we can see that the tallest building is the building located to the right, which is shown with the black top line. The shortest building is found in the middle represented by the yellow line which is closest to that bottom green line. The building on the left is found somewhere in between as we can see with the blue line. Using numbers, we will represent the tallest with a 1 and the shortest with a 3. You can see this same building trio ordered by height below.

Final Measures Labelled

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