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Order of Operations Word Problem Worksheets

Tips for Conquering Word Problems - Do you think that the toughest things the most difficult time of your life is when you encounter word problems? So how do you tackle these world problems to become an efficient and confident word-problem solver? If you feel like you need help, here are a few tips that will surely come in handy! When you see a word problem, you don't have to freak out. What you need to do is to assume that your word problem is divided into three parts; before, during, and after. We will take every part one by one and tackle them! Before - Before you reach the "during phase," your strategy has to be to Plan out the whole process. Here is what you need to do: Read and visualize. Re-read the problem and code. Sketch and predict. Read the word problem thoroughly and find out what the problem is asking, and what a reasonable answer would be. During - Once you have sketched a rough outline of what needs to be done, all you have to do now is to see whether your strategy fits or not. Here, the problem needs to be solved, and this is what you have to do: Show your strategy and skills. Use your thinking skills. While solving the questions, you need to make sure that the strategy you are using is ideal, and just to be sure, look for ay other possibilities through which you can solve your question. After - We often tend to make mistakes in our questions and don't realize until it is usually too late. So, what you need to do is: Recheck your work. Read the question once more. Make sure you answered the question. Make sure that you have re-read the question and that whatever your answer is, it is according to the question. Answer the question in one sentence, and you are done! A series of worksheet and lesson topics that will help students learn to properly proceed through word problems that require a use of multiple operations. Your first step will be to determine the correct order to process each of these operations in.

Aligned Standard: 5.OA.1

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Homework Sheets

Very clearly written problems that focus on simple calculations and PEMDAS.

  • Homework 1 - Sally has 15 marbles and gives Jack 5. If she gives half of what remain to Joe, how many marbles does she have left? Most of these problems will have you processing either a division/multiplication operation with adding/subtraction. Remember which comes first.
  • Homework 2 - Bob is the manager of an apartment complex. If the complex has 56 one bedroom apartments, 72 two bedroom apartments, and 102 three bedroom apartments, how many bedrooms are in the entire complex?
  • Homework 3 - How many points did Brian and Tim score together from the floor (do not count free throw)?

Practice Worksheets

See if the second practice sheet makes you brighter.

  • Practice 1 - Sarah bought 2 tables that cost $20 each and 8 chairs for $10 each. She bought enough plates to have one for each chair. If the plates cost $2 each, how much did she spend in all?
  • Practice 2 - If someone sponsors Dwight for $2.50 per mile to hike the Eastern Continental Trail one way and he only hikes half the trail how much would the sponsor owe Dwight?
  • Practice 3 - Tom prints photos that cost 6 cents each. He prints 2 photos from the 1st day, 12 photos from the 2nd day, and he has 3 photos from each of the two art museums. How much will he spend in all?

Math Skill Quizzes

The question sets are pretty wordy and they have a few twists in them.

  • Quiz 1 - Mrs. Smith has 40 packs of construction paper and each pack contains 20 red, 30 black, 30 white, 15 blue, and 15 green pieces of paper. How many pieces of paper does Mrs. Smith have?
  • Quiz 2 - Susan is responsible for producing payroll reports for Smith and Company. The company pays the following full time employees: 10 employees that make $950 per week, 2 employees that make $1025 per week and the CEO who makes $1500 per week. How much do all the full time employees make per week?
  • Quiz 3 - Brandon plays for his high school baseball team the Braves. For the season Brandon hits 22 singles, 8 doubles, 1 triple, and 2 home runs. If Brandon went to bat 72 times how many times did he not get a hit?
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