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Math Operations with Rounding

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Aligned To Common Core Standard:

Grade 5 Numbers and Operations - 5.NBT.A.4

How to Round a Value to Its Highest or Lowest Place Value - Rounding off is an incredible concept to teach students, which will help them in real life and also in different topics of mental mathematics. If you wish to round off numbers, you must keep in mind a few rules. If the number for rounding off is less than 5, then you can just remove it. However, if the rounding off number is greater than 5, then you need to increase the preceding number by 1. However, if the rounding off number is 5, then we will have to see the previous number. If the previous number is an even number, then it will remain the same, and if it's an odd number, it will increase by one. Let's take two examples; first we must round off number 6.56 to the first decimal place. If we start at 6, which is greater 5, then you can change the number after the first decimal to 6. The answer will be at 6.6. The second number we have to round off 3.215 to the second decimal place. The first number is 5, so we will check the previous number which is 1 (an odd number). Thus, we will increase 1 to 2 and then place the round off arrow on it. Since it's less than 5, then the previous number will not increase and the answer is 3.2. These lessons and worksheets help us get a ball park understanding of the outcome of operations between several numbers through rounding.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Basic Worksheets

More addition and subtraction practice with rounding.

Advanced Practice Worksheets

These operations add a new level of difficulty for students. Also the order of operations comes into play with the mixed operations.