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Rounding Fractions

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Grade 5 Numbers and Operations - 5.NF.B.7

How to Round Fractions - Rounding off fractions is perhaps one of the most useful skills that can be used in mathematics. Rounding of fractions involves understanding the closest value achieved from the actual answer. Confused? Ok, let me clarify that for you. When we are rounding off a fraction, we are basically asking the question, whether the answer is near to its half, zero, or the full. For instance, let's learn to round off with the help of a few examples. 1. Suppose we have a fraction of 99/100 that it is obvious that the number above is closer to the number below, which means that the answer will almost be equal to 1, which is the whole. 2. In our second example, we will take a closer look at something a little more complex, like 7/12. To solve this fraction or rounding it off, we can use three different fractions and see which one it is closest too. 0/12, 6/12, and 12/12. Now pay close attention to the actual fraction, we can see that the number closes to the half, i.e., 6/12 Hence, this is how we round off fractions in mathematics. These lessons show students how to approach rounding fractional values.

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Mixed number will, many times, confuse students until they have some success with it.