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Creating and Breaking Down Math Patterns

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Aligned To Common Core Standard:

Grade 5 Operations - 5.OA.B.3

How to Create Math Patterns - They say doing the same thing over and over will get you the results you want. Is there anything you want to get expertise over? If you are reading this guide, and there is something that you really need to learn and get better at, one of the best ways is to create a pattern of doing it. Similar to your normal life, mathematics also requires creating patterns in order to get a grip on a particular concept. This is called creating patterns. A pattern is a series or sequence that repeats itself again and again. Let's find out how you can create patterns in mathematics. Follow a particular number, color, shape, and action and form a series out of it. Take a look at the last or first digits of the numbers and see if they repeat a special pattern. Set up a way in a series or sequence to create a precise pattern. Find out what's common between the numbers, actions, shapes, and colors. This will help you create a pattern easily and within less time. Look at the numbers and see if a pattern is being created or not. These worksheets and lessons teach students how to recognize patterns in math sequences.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Determining Pattern Rules Sheets

You are given straight series of five digit patterns. You need to decipher the pattern.

  • Sheet 1 - Circle the choice that uses the same pattern as the one shown in bold.
  • Sheet 2 - Which choice uses the same addition rule as the shared pattern?
  • Sheet 3 - These rules focus on a mix of addition and subtraction.

Creating Patterns Homework

These are basically word problems that you need to breakdown and place.

  • HW 2 - Start at 32 and make a pattern using the add 9 rule. What is the 4th number in the pattern?
  • HW 3 - Start at 79 and make a pattern using the rule subtract 9. What is the 4th number in the pattern?

Identifying Pattern Attributes

See if you can sniff out what is going on with these integers.

  • Sheet 2 - The patterns above are synchronized. If the number in pattern A is 25, what would be the number in pattern B?
  • Sheet 3 - In a pattern the first number is 54. The second number is 58. The third number is 62. The fourth number is 66. Will the 9th number be odd or even?
  • Sheet 4 - In a pattern the first number is 33. The second number is 38. The third number is 43. The fourth number is 48. What will be the 7th number?