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Logarithm Word Problems

High School Modeling
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High School - Modeling

How to Approach Logarithm Word Problems - Most students face the highest degree of difficulty when solving logarithmic word problems. Even though these word problems are much more straightforward, the kids find it complex to solve. The logarithmic word problems give an equation and all you have to do is enter the values in the equation to find the answer. Example: Calculate the loudness of a cat's sound that is 316 higher than the threshold sound. The formula to calculate loudness is dB=10 log(I ÷ Ioo ÷ Io) dB=24.9968 decibells Some word problems may require you to use logarithmic rules; logb ⁡M = logn ⁡N --> M = N | logb ⁡M = N --> M=bN | logb M + logb ⁡N = logb ⁡(M.N) | logb ⁡M - logb ⁡N= logb⁡(M/N) These worksheets feature word problems that have a logarithmic aspect to them.

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