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Calculate the Value of Log Operations Problems

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High School Functions - HSF-LE.A.4

How to Calculate the Value of Log Operations? Much before calculators and computers, logarithmic tables were used to solve the log values. These tables may seem like a challenge to use, but they are an efficient way to solve logarithm values and quickly doing larger multiplication. Here we have discussed some ways to help you calculate values using these tables: First things first, you need to choose the right log table before looking for the log values. The base-10 log table is the most commonly used. To find loga(n), you need a loga table. For instance, you are given log10(23.63). You will need a base-10 or a common log table. Once you have figured out the right table, you will need to look for the right cell to find out the value. First, look for the two with the first two digits of the given number. Move on to the column header labeled with the third digit. In the above example, log10(23.63), you will first look for row 23, and move to column 6 the values present at this intersection is your correct log value. These worksheets will teach you how to add the value of logs that are undergoing several operations.

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