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Logarithmic Expressions

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High School Functions - HSF-LE.A.4

What Are Logarithmic Expressions? Let's take a sneak-peek into logarithms because they are probably a bit difficult for most of the students. In its simplest form, logarithms are exponent, or you may say they are the opposite of exponentials. Like divisions are inverse of multiplication and subtractions are opposite of additions. Similarly, logs are the inverse of exponents. They undo exponents. For example; y = bx This is equivalent to or means the exact same as logb (y) = x. this is the relationship between log and exponent. This is pronounced as log base-b of y equals to x. In logarithmic expressions, the base b became the exponent of y and multiplied the number of times of the exponent. This is the answer to the logarithmic expression. Log expressions come with rules and can be used to simplify or expand expressions. Since the log expression has too much in it, it is necessary to expand the expression in order to solve it. A collection of worksheets and lessons that teach students to be able to read, interpret, condense and expand logarithmic expressions.

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