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Whole Number and Mixed Number Operations

5.NF.A.1, 5.NF.B.6
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Grade 5 - 5.NF.A.1, 5.NF.B.6

How Do You Divide Whole Numbers by Mixed Numbers? Dividing mixed numbers is similar to multiplying them. You need to add one more step into the mix. To divide two mixed numbers, i.e., 6 2/8 ÷ 3 5/9, you need to follow the steps below. Step #1: Convert each number to an improper fraction. Example: 50/8 ÷ 32/9 Step #2: Invert the latter improper fraction and change the sign to multiply. Example: 50/8 × 9/32 Step #3: Multiply two numerators together. Example: 50 × 9 =450 Step #4: Multiply the denominators together. Example: 8 × 32 =256 Step #5: Convert the answer back to a mixed number. Example: 450/256= 1194/256 Step #6: You can further simplify the mixed number if possible. Example: 1 97/128. These worksheets show you how to perform all four main math operations between whole numbers and mixed numbers.

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