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Single Digit Addition

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Aligned To Common Core Standard:

Grade 1 Operations - 1.NBT.C.4

How to Quickly Learn Single Digit Addition? One cannot proceed to advanced concepts in mathematics until they have a clear understanding of single-digit addition and multiplication. Students will find it very difficult to carry out double and multi-digit addition if they do not have a strong concept of single-digit addition. Finger Counting - The most effective approach to help kids learn single-digit addition is to teach them figure counting. You need to start with numbers less than five and move forward once they have developed an idea of how to use their fingers to count. Using Objects - Another way to teach kids the concept of single-digit addition is to use objects. You can use pencils, fruits, and even their toys to teach them addition. Completing Tens - The third way is to teach kids to complete 10. If they must add to two numbers; 6 and 5, you can tell them to choose the bigger number. Now take the second number and split the second number in a way that one part of the second number completes the count till 10 and finally add the other part into 10. These worksheets help students learn to master adding single digit values.

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