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Kindergarten Math Test Questions

The Kindergarten math curriculum starts with a transition from Language Arts to Math. Students begin by attributing words to numbers and vice versa. Usually we have students work up to twenty. Students learn to count to one-hundred, fist by ones and then by tens. We apply the counting to objects and other tangible items. We liken addition to counting by teaching students that the second number in a sum is just how many numbers we need to count forward. When it comes to subtraction, we follow the same procedure by indicating that the second value is how many numbers we need to count down. Students also learn how to relative measure things and compare measure like height, length, and weight. Students also learn how to state relative positions of objects and name common geometric shapes. I based my creation of these on several tests that I have seen floating around from several states. The team that worked on developing these tests and quizzes is seeing a trend in the assessments that is beginning to disturb us a bit. Kindergarten is usually based on concrete tactile tasks. Most of the questioning techniques that we are seeing revolve around very abstract thinking processes.

How to Help Kindergarteners Study for Math Tests

Student Take a Test

For kindergarteners the concept of a test is overwhelming. A few will over prepare, many will under prepare, and some will get it just right. Your goal as a teacher should be to help your students get into good habits that they could rely on for their many more years of school. Students really need a concrete structure that they can rely on at this level. They should start to begin to understand that the choices that they make have a set series of consequences. There are a number of different techniques that you can use with your students to help them make these good habits more natural. Here are some things that you will most likely want to help your students have some experience with to help them by better test takers.

What Is It On?

Teachers all have a different style when it comes time to take that very first math test. Some will review the concepts with them and expect students to work on their own with a worksheet or review problems. Some will hand out and review the core concepts that students need for the test. Other teachers will actually build the review sheet with students. It all depends on your style. I often find that I need to adjust this style based on the makeup of the students in my class. Like everything at this level, we need to be flexible as teachers.

Study Buddies

Pairing students can be a great way to help them learn. A great technique that works well for most of my classes is to ask each of the study buddies to create their own problem that they think will stump their partner and write and answer key for it. They then switch papers, and the partner completes the problem. I give extra points towards the test if the a) wrote a coherent problem that works on this concept. b) their answer key is correct. c) they get their partners problem correct. This does not work in all cases, but it definitely is something you will want to give a try.

Show Them How You Would Study

At this level modelling the expected behavior is one of the best things you could do. You can model it or write a quick story that students can read about a student who did well on this test in a previous year. The idea is to connect with students and encourage them to get into good habits. I have streamlined this into the concept of the, “The 5 Things I Would Do To Prepare For the Test”. This may sound like a waste of time, but I do find that students will often respond to this. They definitely come slightly more ready to tackle tests when I do this. Give it a try!

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