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Kindergarten Math Tests and Topic Quizzes

The Kindergarten math curriculum starts with a transition from Language Arts to Math. Students begin by attributing words to numbers and vice versa. Usually we have students work up to twenty. Students learn to count to one-hundred, fist by ones and then by tens. We apply the counting to objects and other tangible items. We liken addition to counting by teaching students that the second number in a sum is just how many numbers we need to count forward. When it comes to subtraction, we follow the same procedure by indicating that the second value is how many numbers we need to count down. Students also learn how to relative measure things and compare measure like height, length, and weight. Students also learn how to state relative positions of objects and name common geometric shapes. I based my creation of these on several tests that I have seen floating around from several states. The team that worked on developing these tests and quizzes is seeing a trend in the assessments that is beginning to disturb us a bit. Kindergarten is usually based on concrete tactile tasks. Most of the questioning techniques that we are seeing revolve around very abstract thinking processes.

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