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High School Number and Quantity Tests

As students advance from kindergarten to the middle school years the concept of a number makes several transitions. Values begin as your basic 1, 2, 3s and then eventually we come across a zero and it attribute it to nothing or the lack of anything. In middle school students begin to learn the difference between rational and irrational numbers. In this curriculum the concept of a number is taken to new heights by the introduction of imaginary numbers and complex numbers. The definition of these numbers requires you to evaluate a system. In the sense of an imaginary number, they are values that when squared have a negative outcome. Students at this level begin to model systems and encounter a wide range of math applications. Being able to quantify values is fundamental to learning higher level scientific concepts. I find this section of the high school curriculum to be the biggest mash-up, if you will. There are so many skills that overlap other high school course that it amazes me.

  • Question Sampler - When I was done putting this together I realized that all of the sections of the core curriculum have a page each here.

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