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High School Geometry Tests

You will see that this topic area also includes a great deal of Algebra. I do hear of some High Schools working on Geometry before Algebra. I'm not certain that would be my recommendation. I refer to this as the construction math. Without geometry anything that is constructed would not be durable at all. Geometry has been around for close to five-thousand years. The Egyptian pyramid construction is a prime example of the application of math. Geometry is study shapes and the known properties of those shapes. Geometry is the reason your floors at home are level, walls are straight, and doors open and close. In High School the curriculum usually builds off of measurement and makes its way to planar geometry which is the meat of this course. Students seem to do well with triangle geometry and get a little lost when it comes to circle geometry. Students often get a little overwhelmed when they make their way to writing and reading geometric proofs. Proofs are just a method used to prove that your assumptions are correct and leave little to doubt. Understanding and using quadrilaterals is fundamental to course work found here. If anything can be said about geometry, it uses more symbols than just about any branch of math.

  • Sample Geometry Common Core Test - The questions you find in here are the most common occurring questions over a sample of 25 state tests. Short answer question format.

How To Study for Geometry Tests


By the time you reach high school, you finally are getting your stride on how to prepare for a math test. Then you come across this math potpourri course called Geometry and you feel a little out of your element. This is definitely understandable because math, until this point, has been all about numbers and the relationships between them. Geometry, on the other hand, presents as a discipline that focuses on geometric shapes and the relationships between them. While the intended disciplines differ greatly, the approach to preparing for tests on them does not differ much outside of the foundational approach to studying.

The initial difference to preparing for geometry tests should be rooted in your approach to making certain that you understand the foundational vocabulary, related properties and theorems. Students often have difficult with geometry simply because they have no idea what is being asked of them, in most cases. To make sure this does not happen to you spend time working with the vocabulary related to all problems and exercises that you work on. If you find a word that you do not understand or something peculiar while preparing, ask someone for clarification. You will often need to learn theorems that help you find a missing side or angle. Make certain that you know which geometric shape this theorem is relevant for and how to apply them for your purposes.

Outlining is important when studying for these forms of exams. We encourage all students to jot down the steps they would take to solving a problem before they step forward. In this process make sure to know all the distinct features of an angle, line, point, side, surface, or shape. What ever is given to you is gold and is often the clue that you need to solve the entire problem. It is like trying to solve a mystery and you know that everything starts and eventually ends with what has been given to you.

Besides that, your approach should be the same as it would be for any type of math exam. Study a little each day. Realize that studying for 20 minutes a day over 2 weeks crushes what you could get out of 8 hours of studying the day before. As you learn any material if there is something that you truly do not understand seek help and make sure you get it as soon as you can. This because geometry builds upon itself. If you get stuck, it will difficult to advance.

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