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High School Functions Tests and Topic Quizzes

Judging from the last round of national assessment scores, this are seems to be the most challenging for students. I plan to expand this area to 10 full tests over the next few months. The only problem we seem to be having with developing these tests is that it is tough to have a great deal of differentiation between question types. Functions were long attached to Algebra in most school curriculum standards. Function display or explain a relationship (of some type) between two data sets. A mathematical function consists of three distinct parts: an input (starting value), the output (the ending value), and the relationship that exists between the values. The goal with functions is most often to understand the relationship that exists between the two data sets. In today’s world there some very high paying jobs for people that can forensically examine and diagnose the relationships that exist between multiple data sets. Being able to assess mathematical systems can help you make highly educated decisions. They can be as simple as determine the best paint color for a wall or as complex as decided to buy shares in company at a specific point of time.

  • Sample Test - These are the common questions you see on exams. I made them in short response form to provide a more detailed practice.

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