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High School Algebra Tests

If you like television or streaming shows that center around detectives, then you will love algebra. This branch of mathematics is entirely focused on finding the hidden part of the overall math message. Algebra is big on using symbols to indicate a value that is unknown. These symbols are known as variables and can often be determined by simply evaluating a system and getting the unknown (variable) by itself. Equations are math statements that have two equal sides. You will also encounter inequalities that state that on side of the statement is lopsided and almost unable to come to terms with the outcome. In any case, Algebra is a challenging section of math. That is why it is so important to help students not be overwhelmed by the concepts that are presented by modern high school algebra courses. The key here is to make it fun and to focus on the purpose of Algebra. When well understood Algebra can be the main center of your employment. When missed, it can just be a whole bunch of numbers and a few letters. Having been an Algebra teacher for over 20 years, this is where I have to say that the Core Curriculum has made some pretty drastic changes at the High School level. I always remember a section on logic, proofs, and probabilities. Those section are attached to other standard sets. The concept of a spiral curriculum at this level no longer exists; at least not to the extent it would in the past.

How to Study for Algebra Tests

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After spending a number of years in school, students quickly understand that how you prepare for math tests differs a great deal from preparing for a language arts or history exam. By the time students reach the high school level they have their study personality shaped pretty well. They often have a routine until they get to that High School Algebra course where flashcards do not help you much. There are a number of things we suggest that you adjust when you reach this level.

Preparing for an exam of any types requires consistency. That should be your ultimate goal. Create a study schedule and stick to it. We would recommend that you do a few practice problems each and everyday even if it was not assigned for homework. For each unique problem type you go over in class, you can create a flashcard that points to an example problem type. You can create a collection of these cards as you work through them in class and eventually you will have a compilation of all of the possible questions that are coming your way for this upcoming test.

When you are tackling these problems, it is best to start with an outline. You do not need to do ever calculation until your have a good idea of where it is going. Break your outline up into steps. Once you have all your steps, go crazy with your calculations and do not forget to check your work.

Do not try to cram for algebra tests. That almost never works because this is the chess of math. We are not playing checkers anymore. There are many different concepts that go into a single problem. You best bet is to follow along and talk to your teacher when you get tripped up. I would also encourage you to go to extra help, if available. Even if you feel confident, it cannot hurt to practice your daily problems with a teacher handy, in case there is something that you do not understand.

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