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7th Grade Math Tests

Students have now progressed to the middle school level. The curriculum reflects a significant advance forward in math skill and the application of past math concepts. Negative numbers are something that they need to become more comfortable with. If they have trouble, always review the concept with a number line handy. The visual application of this concept really helps it sink in quickly. I often start with basic arithmetic that can be visualized on a number line. Middle schoolers will advance to using negative values in multiplication and division. Surprisingly addition and subtraction of negative numbers is where most kids get tripped up. This eventually expands to being used with decimals, fractions, and percentages within story-based problems. Geometry becomes more real at this level. Students are asked to understand angles and their relation to geometric figures. Algebra becomes a bit of a bear at this level. Some students thrive and others begin to have great difficulty with concepts that are presented. Make sure to get kids in the habit of reading the word problems slowly and to underline key words that give away the operations and steps they will need to follow to get the job done. I make all the answer keys here. I have to admit that sometimes I might skim too fast and get an answer off by a zero. Now we have two fact checkers to make sure that doesn't happen.

  • Grade 7 Common Core Sampler Test - This particular grade level has a great number of sample test questions floating around. Here are the most questions you will see on those tests.
  • Multiple Choice Questions Form A - These are your standard multiple choice question format problems. Check out questions 13 to 15. Kids ask all the time if the taxes paid are true. It really opens up my eyes to the thoughts of students.
  • Multiple Choice Question Version 2 - Looking for questions on all the standards? This is the test for you. We provide a second set of exercises in this format.
  • Full Length Complete Grade 7 Exam - Every skill and topic is tested here with multiple choice.
  • Short Response Questions Form B - Page three is filled with problems that came up during my day except the equivalent fraction. These types of problems offer 7th grade students a chance to provide more open response type problems.
  • Extended Response Questions Form C - After putting this one together I am slowly realizing that students are getting much more business math in the curriculum than I thought. These types of problem really help you see what your kids are thinking.
  • Ratios & Proportional Relationships Quiz - I purposely left out graph creation on this one because it takes too much time for a quiz. They are designed to be shorter and to the point.
  • Number System Quiz - The types of questions in this section are mostly math facts that are concrete problems.
  • Expressions and Equations Quiz - Some of the questioning techniques that are often used for this topic can be quite subjective in nature.
  • Statistics & Probability Quiz - This topic can be made really fun for students. If you know your students lives pretty well, they will definitely pay attention here.
  • Geometry Quiz - I really think that video games have helped the skills on this topic from generation to generation.

How to Improve 7th Grade Math Test Scores

Kid Taking a Test

This is a common question that all of the three people (students, teachers, and parents) involved in the direct success of middle school students often have. The true answer is that math is like any other skill. To improve your abilities, you need a balanced mix of practice, consistency, and patience. It seems that patience is the one thing that escapes most students, especially at this age. Rather than fighting through adversity, it seems culturally it has become somewhat acceptable to say things like, "I am just not good at math!" or "I am just not a good test taker!" The truth is that most people just lack the patience necessary when practicing their math skills. This lack of patience is often associated with a level of anxiety. The best thing that teachers and parents can do is just help their students to learn to debunk that myth and follow the course.

There are also several simple strategies that 7th grade students can use to improve their success rate.

Write and Draw It Out - We highly encourage students to draw out a diagram that can help them visualize problems whenever possible. You may have heard your teacher say, “show your work!” That is just what you should, always. Break up answer into logical sequential steps this will ensure you are headed in the right direction. The step-by-step approach seems to work with students really well.

What Tripped You Up?Another thing to do when tackling problems that give you difficulty is to adjust your attention to the part of the problem you do not understand fully. Students will often put their attention towards the portion of the problem that they fully understand. Use the available context and the portion of the problem that you do understand to leverage a level of comprehension on the part that escapes you.

Learn from Your Mistakes - After students take a test, they tend to forget about everything that was on it and do not look at anything, but the grade that they earned. I find this to be a huge mistake that most students make. Take your time and go back and learn what you previously did not. The next time you come across a problem, like that, you will be better prepared. I actually build this into my teaching practices with my students. I have them make test corrections often and always.

Practice Makes Perfect - The last piece of advice we can offer you is to practice your skills as much as possible. The more that you see this type of work, the easier it will be come. Anything you can do to help your students get repetitions in and keep a cool head is the key to long term math test success.

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