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Grade 6 Math Tests and Topic Quizzes

Sixth graders typical have a bigger learning curve as they transition into this math curriculum, more so than others. This is most likely because they need to be prepared to manage middle school math the following year. At this level, it is expected to have a solid foundation of arithmetic and the order of operations. Students previously were introduced to fractions, percentages, and decimals. These skills are drawn upon to help students understand the use and application of ratios and proportions. The big new concept at this level are unit rates. This topic is not only important for this course, but essential for science classes. Data and statistics have a large role in the monthly routine. Algebra starts to be more intensive as students are asked to write their expression based on math sentences. Having the notion that you should always combine like terms before attempting any algebra problem is a good one to have. I wrote all of the lower level tests before I wrote grade 6. Finally, I'm in my wheelhouse with the secondary level vocabulary. It would take me hours just to rewrite things for the level of vocabulary.

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