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Grade 5 Math Tests and Topic Quizzes

The fifth grade is where students really start to expand the math vocabulary and their use of multi-digit large and small numbers. Students learn how to do operations with decimal values to the hundredths place. Where there are decimals, there must be fractions and this level does not disappoint. Students begin to perform basic operations with fractions. They learn to multiply and divide fractions as well as converting units and fractions. Line plots make a brief, but important appearance. This is where measurement has us going with this. The concept of exponents makes its way into the lives of our students for the first time. Another light round for geometry is found at this level. This time the focus is on the concept of volume. After writing materials for every level of the math curriculum and then coming back to it, I got a very good grasp of the range of difficulty of the problems. I find this level has one of the most diverse ranges of difficulty out of everything. It reminds me of a question asked by an ecology professor from years back. Question 1: "What color is the sky?" Question 2: "On a molecular level, what transitions of molecules creates the blue color? Be specific."

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