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Grade 4 Math Tests and Quizzes

Congratulation! You are now an upper grade student. As you get into 4th grade, you are officially being prepared for middle school. This calls for deepening of your existing foundational math knowledge. Most fourth graders enjoy learning in an interactive environment because that's when they learn the most. They learn to build the foundation of problems themselves, develop the connections between numbers and problems, and get a grasp over complex concepts. If you would like to take a deeper dive into the 4th grade curriculum, look at the bottom of this page. When I created these 4th grade tests and quizzes, I hadn't even seen a sample exam based on the core curriculum. I have since revised them greatly. Thanks to all the great educators out there that are helping me get these first few tests areas peer reviewed and formatted properly. It seems like the curriculum committee for this particular grade level moves like molasses compared to others.

  • Grade 4 Test Sampler - A great way to dive into the curriculum and get a solid understanding of what is available.

What is the 4th Grade Math Curriculum?

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Students at this level are beginning to become more comfortable with wordy problems and higher-level operations. The 4th grade math curriculum is one of the grade levels that sticks out as a time of hyper growth. Students will commonly come home with problems that adults need to read several times to help them along. There are a huge number of topics that are tackled here. The more difficult topics are found within understanding the base ten system and measurement can be a bear for some students. This is because the problems often require a little bit of prior knowledge to do well with. Here is my general impression of the highlights and pitfalls of the curriculum at this level:

Operations - You need to be automatic with your addition and subtraction operations at this point. While you are expected to have a solid handle on multiplication and division, this level focuses more on applying these operations to story problems. Long division also begins to pop up. It is advisable to give your class plenty of time to master that. This is also where we start to see very basic algebra such as single step equation solving. There is a good bit of effort put into teaching students how to identify visual and numeric patterns. Recognition of patterns and shapes, pictorial understanding of numerical problems, exploring functions and activities at the end of the chapter.

Base Ten - This is where this topic goes next level. Students learn their place values and how each integer within a number is related to the digit found to the right and left. There is a good amount of time devoted to estimating and rounding which is really helpful for this grade level.

Fractions and Decimals - Students begin to lean about the relationship between different fractions, making equivalent fractions and solving them, mixed fraction addition and subtraction, different ways of representing fractions and decimals. The most recent curriculum adjustments, nationally, have been including the division and multiplication operations here as well.

Measurement - Using measures for more than just taking simple readings starts to make the rounds with students at 4th grade. Use of measurements, understanding, and conversion of problems involving length, area, perimeter, temperature, and weight along with an appropriate application of these measurements. Students explore both the Imperial and Metric standards and how to convert units within them. This is also the second time that students see a good deal of crossover between measurement and geometry. Students begin to make practical everyday calculations.

Geometry - Introduction to basic geometrical shapes, identification of line segments, angles, lines, polygons, rays, and circles occurs at this level. Students also spend a good amount of time learning about symmetry and asymmetry and how to identify them.

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