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Printable Grade 3 Math Tests

Getting into a higher grade level calls for more learning. 3rd grade marks an important year in a student's progression cycle. They begin to think beyond the basic concepts, play around with bigger numbers and poke the word of measurements and shapes. It is the year where they develop their problem-solving skills along with logical thinking and organizational abilities. They make connections between concepts they have been learning. Let's take a look at what interesting mathematical concepts are taught to students in 3rd grade. - Number Theory and Operations; comparing different numbers, expansion from standard form, and rounding up of numbers. - Monetary Value; solving word problems, counting coins, and billing. - Data Analysis and Probability; interpreting data in graphs such as bar graphs, pictographs, and other tables, determining the probability or likelihood of a situation. - Algebraic Thinking; evaluating numeric relationships, finding the unknown. - Geometry and Spatial Sense; identifying shapes, finding the distance between vertical or horizontal points, knowledge of congruent, equivalent, and right angles. - Measurements; understanding of lengths, depths/widths, area, and capacity, interpreting time, basic definitions of weight, area, perimeter, capacity, temperature. The grade 3 core curriculum I find very sporadic and not as well thought through as the other levels. There is just a pinch of geometry in here, but they put what I feel is real-life geometry in the measurement section. I just don't get where they were going with that topic.

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