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Second Grade Math Tests

The second-grade math curriculum begins by spiraling the previous grade level. We start by just building up from the skills we already have. We extend our ability to count up to one thousand. Students also start learning about how to define and categorize values by comparing larger and smaller values. They also learn to classify even and odd numbers. Up until this point every operation or problem that students have seen are single step problems. This level introduces two-step problems and how to organize your thought process for them. Students also begin to look at the more concrete sides of math by learning how to read analog and digital clocks, estimate lengths, and solve problems involving money. The concept of picture graphs as make their way in to us at the end of the school year. It seems that grade 2 is the most neglected grade in terms of quality math test samples. I searched all over the place to get some examples to work off of for ideas. There was zilch available! I think I put together some quality work here for teachers and students, not to pat myself on the back or anything.

How to Study For a 2nd Grade Math Test


At the 2nd grade level students are just beginning to understand the concept of what a test or exam is. It is a bit overwhelming for them. Tests are usually based on several different skills that are not necessarily related. The majority of students that have difficulty simply just do not understand how to best prepare. If you help them through the preparation of a single exam, it can help them be successful for the entire school year. Here are the steps we make sure to share with our students for test preparation:

1. What Is On the Test? - Many students will immediately dive their heads into a textbook or notebook without actually answering this very important question. I always share my story of a college professor that indicated that if you learn to write down every possible question you could be asked and study that information it is challenging not to do well. While math is not an exact answer subject, I get my students in the habit creating a study sheet of their own that highlights each of the problem types that will be covered by the test.

2. Practice Makes Perfect! - Now that we know what is on the test we just need to make sure we understand how to solve each of these problem types. I encourage start by reviewing problems that we completed in class and make sure that they understand all of the steps required. I then have students go further and practice problems that are in the text or on a resource that I point out.

3. Set a Time - Students should work smart and only study during times where there on minimal distractions. Some students will think that having a device on while studying is working, but it rarely does. We recommend helping students discover length of time, times of day, and locations where they will best learn. I often send something home to help bring parents in on this process.

No Cramming - This builds upon the last tip, but helping students learn that math is not something that you can pound into your brain the night before is very helpful for both you (the teacher) and your students. You can learn a ton more from 5- 15-minute intervals (Sunday – Thursday) of studying than you ever could with cramming an hour and 15 minute study session on Thursday night.

Study Buddies Rule! - Encourage students to work together, but realize you must a lot time for them to do so in your schedule. I have my students write up their own little quiz based on what we have learned. I then have them partner up and exchange quizzes with a partner. The partner then actually takes their quiz and they both grade them and review them.

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