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Match the Same Number of Different Objects

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Aligned To Common Core Standard:

Precursor to Kindergarten - K.MD.A.3

How to Classify Objects into Categories - Preschools focus on hands on activities for children. There are various skills that children learn through these hands-on activities. One of the most important features that is induced in children from the start is the classification on objects into various categories. When we say classifying, it means listing or arranging objects into categories on the basis of their similar attributes. Let's say that you have a huge collection of animal figurines that need to be arranged. This is here classification comes into use. You can either get these animals separated through basic classifications; farm and jungle animals, or you can arrange animals on the basis of their heights and weights and so on. Children are taught classification from a very young age. However, they are asked to follow some sort of color schemes and any other things that are easier. These worksheets help students learn find the numbers that go with objects and the objects that equal numbers.

Printable Worksheets and Lessons

Lesson Sheets

A quick review of matching groups with the same number of items.

  • Lesson 1 - Count the objects in both groups on the right side. The top group on right has 3 rabbits. The bottom group has 4 camels.

Practice Worksheets

Match sets with the same numbers, and compare sets in a series of groups.

  • Practice 1 - Count the number of objects in each set on the left, and match them with the correct number of objects in a set on the right.
  • Practice 2 - Draw a line from group of hearts to the group of stars.
  • Practice 3 - I would write numbers under each object to make it easier.
  • Practice 4 - Get these all in a row.
  • Practice 5 - Which of the following has same number of objects?
  • Practice 6 - How Many There Are in a Set?