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Preschool Math Posters

In this section you will find wonderful little reminders for students that you can hang on your walls. Each of the posters is written to be directly aligned with a precursor to a common core standard. Some of the posters cross over several standards.

Counting Skills

Counting Objects 1-5 - Precursory Skills For K.CC.A.1

Starting to Count - Precursory Skills For K.CC.A.1

1-10 Connect-the-Dot Problems- Precursory Skills For K.CC.A.2

Days of the Week- Precursory Skills For K.CC.A.2

Writing Numbers 1-9 - Precursory Skills For K.CC.A.3

Learning to Subtract - Precursory Skills For K.OA.A.3

Color 10 Objects in a Set - Precursory Skills For K.CC.B.4a

Counting through Drawing- Precursory Skills For K.CC.B.4b

Color Matching - Precursory Skills For K.G.B.5

1 to Many Group Matching - Precursory Skills For K.CC.B.5

Identifying Groups of 6 to 10 Numbers - Precursory K.CC.B.5

Working With Tallies - Precursory Skills For K.CC.B.5

Counting Money - Precursory Skills For K.CC.B.5

  • Coin Value - What is the value of the coins?
  • Piggy Bank Totals - Look at the price tag. Circle the piggy bank with the correct amount.

Finding Less in Sets - Precursory Skills For K.CC.C.6

Comparing 2 Objects - Precursory Skills For K.CC.C.6

Math Operations Skills

Adding by 1 Additional Unit - Precursory Skills For K.OA.A.1

Measurement Skills

Halves; Pre-Symmetry - Precursory Skills For K.MD.A.1

Long and Short - Precursory Skills For K.MD.A.1

  • Sss... Short - Circle the object that is longer and shorter.
  • Wormy Lengths - Draw lines to help you find the longest and shortest worms.

Find the Biggest Object - Precursory Skills For K.MD.A.2

  • Bears - Circle the bigger animal.
  • Trees - Find the biggest object.

How Tall Is It? - Precursory Skills For K.MD.A.1

Spot All the Differences - Precursory Skills For K.MD.A.2

  • Farm Scene - Can you find all 5 differences?
  • Cats and Dogs - These cats are the same because they look exactly alike.

More or Less Items and Objects - Precursory Skills For K.MD.A.2

Make Them the Same - Precursory Skills For K.MD.B.3

Matching Items and Numbers - Precursory Skills For K.MD.B.3

Same and Different - Precursory Skills For K.MD.A.3

Match the Same Number of Different Objects - Precursory Skills For K.MD.A.3

Recognizing the Same Size - Precursory Skills For K.MD.A.3

Matching Numbers and Groups of Objects - Precursory Skills For K.MD.B.3

Matching Pairs - Precursory Skills For K.MD.B.3

Geometry Skills

One to One Relationships- General Geometry

In Front and Behind - K.G.A.1

Inside, Outside and in Between- K.G.A.1

Above and Below- K.G.A.1

  • In the Sky - The sun is above the cloud. The sun is below the cloud.
  • By the Ocean - The water skier is above the water.

Which is Smaller?- K.MD.A.2

Drawing and Tracing Geometric Shapes- K.G.A.3

Finding Shapes and Following Directions- K.G.A.3

Sorting Shapes- K.G.B.5

Simple Patterns- K.G.B.4

Patterns Through Colors- K.G.B.4

Basic Patterns with Missing Pieces- K.G.B.4

Following Sentence-Based Directions- K.G.B.5

How Bright Colors Help Students Better Understand an Object - Who doesn't like a little pop of color? Bright colors are always easy to spot and when it comes to children, they take in the world with their eyes. They spot and recognize objects with the help of colors around them. Bright colors appeal to them because they are easy to spot. No wonder the studies show that vivid colors create a biochemical response. Having said that, here's how bright colors help students better understand an object. 1. Bright colors are easy to spot. Nay object having a bright color will be spotted easily ion a group of objects. 2. They associate colors with an object and this helps them identify the object every time they see it; for example red with apples and orange with oranges. 3. They perceive colors better than faded shades or pastels and hence understanding dark color objects becomes easy. 4. With the help of bright colors, students are able to memorize the even the shape and size of the objects. This helps them in calculations and measurements. They form an image of the object in their heads when they hear the color of the object and this helps them in remembering the name of different objects.

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