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Printable Preschool Math Posters

Counting Poster Preview

In this section you will find wonderful little reminders for students that you can hang on your walls. Each of the posters is written to be directly aligned with a precursor to a common core standard. Some of the posters cross over several standards.

Counting Skills

Counting Objects 1-5 - Precursory Skills For K.CC.A.1

Touch a Turtle Counting Cows
Rover Can Count to 5 The Froggy Five

Starting to Count - Precursory Skills For K.CC.A.1

Counting is Out of This World! How Many In A Set?

1-10 Connect-the-Dot Problems- Precursory Skills For K.CC.A.2

1 to 3 and 1 to 10 Snacks for George Giraffe

Days of the Week- Precursory Skills For K.CC.A.2

Days In Order What day is it?

Writing Numbers 1-9 - Precursory Skills For K.CC.A.3

Counting Trees Now You're Counting!

Learning to Subtract - Precursory Skills For K.OA.A.3

Robbie Rabbit's Carrots Subtraction Superstar!

Color 10 Objects in a Set - Precursory Skills For K.CC.B.4a

Beach Balls Sail Boats, Trucks, and Trains

Counting through Drawing- Precursory Skills For K.CC.B.4b

Balloons and Party Hats Animals Get Counted

Color Matching - Precursory Skills For K.G.B.5

Basic Colors Chart Colors of Objects

1 to Many Group Matching - Precursory Skills For K.CC.B.5

Counting the Goats Hearts For Fingers

Identifying Groups of 6 to 10 Numbers - Precursory K.CC.B.5

How Many Butterflies? Ice Cream For 6

Working With Tallies - Precursory Skills For K.CC.B.5

Balloon Tally Tallies of 5

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Counting Money - Precursory Skills For K.CC.B.5

Coin Value Piggy Bank Totals

Finding Less in Sets - Precursory Skills For K.CC.C.6

Help The Gorilla Smaller Sets

Comparing 2 Objects - Precursory Skills For K.CC.C.6

Which Group Has More? Largest Group

Math Operations Skills

Adding by 1 Additional Unit - Precursory Skills For K.OA.A.1

Adding A Single Shape Add 1 After Counting

Measurement Skills

Halves; Pre-Symmetry - Precursory Skills For K.MD.A.1

Halves of Shapes Food Halves

Long and Short - Precursory Skills For K.MD.A.1

Sss... Short Wormy Lengths

Find the Biggest Object - Precursory Skills For K.MD.A.2

Bears Trees

How Tall Is It? - Precursory Skills For K.MD.A.1

Pails and Sea Gulls Those Are Bug Leaves

Spot All the Differences - Precursory Skills For K.MD.A.2

Farm Scene Cats and Dogs

More or Less Items and Objects - Precursory Skills For K.MD.A.2

Bees and Snails Transportation

Make Them the Same - Precursory Skills For K.MD.B.3

The Missing Handle At the Beach

Matching Items and Numbers - Precursory Skills For K.MD.B.3

Number Words to 10 Counting Candy

Same and Different - Precursory Skills For K.MD.A.3

Helicopters and Boats Teddy Bears

Match the Same Number of Different Objects - Precursory Skills For K.MD.A.3

Find You Hat Bunny Match

Recognizing the Same Size - Precursory Skills For K.MD.A.3

Cows, Foxes, and Toucans Cats and Kittens

Matching Numbers and Groups of Objects - Precursory Skills For K.MD.B.3

Cat Toys and Bones Paint Cans and Brushes

Matching Pairs - Precursory Skills For K.MD.B.3

Pairs of Socks Puppy Pairs

Geometry Skills

One to One Relationships- General Geometry

Mouse, Horse, Elephant Milk For The Cookies

In Front and Behind - K.G.A.1

Clouds and Stars Position Words

Inside, Outside and in Between- K.G.A.1

Inside and Outside In the Middle

Above and Below- K.G.A.1

In the Sky By the Ocean

Which is Smaller?- K.MD.A.2

Penguins and Whales Small, Smaller, Smallest

Drawing and Tracing Geometric Shapes- K.G.A.3

Squares, Circles, and Triangles Apple Finger Trace

Finding Shapes and Following Directions- K.G.A.3

Using A Coloring Key House of Colors

Sorting Shapes- K.G.B.5

2-Dimensional Shapes 3-Dimensional Shapes

Simple Patterns- K.G.B.4

What's the Pattern? Finish the Pattern

Patterns Through Colors- K.G.B.4

Using Color A, B Patterns

Basic Patterns with Missing Pieces- K.G.B.4

Which dog bone is missing? A-B-C Patterns

Following Sentence-Based Directions- K.G.B.5

Find the Animals Things That Go