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Find the Differences Worksheets

This is a skill that we often do not pay enough attention to with our students. This really helps students spot instances of distorted reality. As they become young adults, this will help them become better consumers of social media. Which is a skill the current generation of young social media users lack. We are beginning to see the consequences of that. This exercise is extremely healthy for your mind, and you should solve more of these puzzles to get better at them. After you've learned how the type of puzzle works, you can try solving those puzzles without anyone's help. These worksheets and lessons help students learn to compare two images and find any difference between them.

Aligned Standard: K.MD.A.2

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Lesson Sheets

We learn how to use grids and quadrants to find differences.

  • Lesson 1 - I find that the best strategy is to break the pictures into a grid and compare them 1 square at a time.
  • Lesson 2 - Here are some differences between both of the pictures pointed out in the explanation portion of the lesson.
  • Lesson 3 - Grid that bad boy again. This is a nice way to transition from static to moving pieces.

Practice Worksheets

We ask students to verbalize or write the changes that they see between images.

  • Practice 1 - Number the differences that you can find. I would place them right on picture.
  • Practice 2 - Circle all the differences that you can find. Some of them will stick out to you in this one for certain.
  • Practice 3 - Spot all the differences between the pictures of the backyard of the farm scene.
  • Practice 4 - Mark the differences that you can find with numbers.
  • Practice 5 - A nice scene to compare things in. This is what you would call an old school aqueduct.
  • Practice 6 - Two silly dinosaurs. Based on the egg, they must be babies at least in the one frame.

How To Find Differences Between Two Pictures?

2 Landscapes of Buildings with Differences

Spotting differences between two pictures can be a confusing task; given that such problems are usually tough to solve. However, you must take a friend with you and resolve this fun puzzle by following the below-mentioned steps. You will find that this is becoming a skill that we will need to take more seriously as photo filters and artificial intelligence improves. Both of these forms of technology will distort our human reality and we need to be able to spot it at every turn. Finding differences in static photos is the first step. There are many forms of software out there that can help us do this, but what about when we do not have those form of technology available to us? I never knew how much technology was available for this until I did research for this piece. Here are some major considerations you should ponder when you do this.

Focus on Major Portions - Firstly, you need to identify one of the pictures and memorize most of its detail. It's true that you cannot memorize everything. But try to store as much information as possible. You should make sure that you could explain what the picture was of to a friend. Then do the same thing with the other photo.

The Grid Method - This is a method used by forensic investigators. You would simply draw measured lines with a ruler over both images at the same dimensions. The scale that you use is at your own discretion and based on the size of the images you are working with. You will draw vertical lines and then horizontal lines to create a series of squares that you can label. This allows you to focus on specific parts of the images and determine differences. In some cases, you will not be able to write on the images. You can use tracing paper in those circumstances.

Mark the Differences - Take a pencil with you and when you start to identify the differences, circle them so that you can count how many differences were there in both pictures. I would number them on both images, this serves as a way to check your own work.

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