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Matching Items Worksheets

Having the ability to find similarities between two or more things is fundamental to just about any type of comparison you can make. At first this helps us establish a likeness, but it also helps us find differences. In the end this basic skill with be pay dirt for understanding how to sort items. As we approach all types of different math skills this is very necessary to help us take in that new information. These worksheets work on a wide range of skills to help students understand the concept of numbers and form them as well. We work on matching items in several types of relationship statuses.

Aligned Standard: K.MD.B.3

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Lesson Sheets

Matching numbers in a group, matching prices, and finding the same amounts.

  • Lesson 1 - Count the items in both groups. The first group has 7 items. Then count the items in the second group. It has 6 items. Draw a circle around the first group since it has 7 items.
  • Lesson 2 - The box costs $3. The pencils cost $5. Look for the purses with the corresponding amounts of money.
  • Lesson 3 - Group 1 has exactly 4 items. Group 2 has only 3items. Mark the numbers in the boxes to reflect this.
  • Lesson 4 - Count the objects in both groups on the right side. The top group on right has 5 ice‐cream bars and the bottom group has 4 gingerbread men. The number of hats on the left is same as the number of ice‐cream bars on right.

Practice Worksheets

The numbers involved are larger and we start to mix in more skills.

  • Practice 1 - Mark the number that correctly shows the number of items in each group.
  • Practice 2 - Count the number of objects in each group. Match the group on the left side to the group with the same number of objects on the right side.
  • Practice 3 - In the box, mark the number that correctly represents the number of birds below.
  • Practice 4 - Which of the groups that are presented have six objects in them?

Best Methods for Teaching Matching Skills

Snowman Matching Parts

Our staff got together for coffee to discuss this topic. We all shared our best and most successful approach to teaching this skill. While all of our activities and materials differed, in some cases polar opposites, the basic underlying theme and activities were very similar. We all remember the fun old card game “Memory”. This is where you have a series of cards in a deck with pictures or words on them. Within each deck all the cards are in pairs. We turn all the cards face down and take turns against an opponent trying to find a match. The person with the most matches, at the end, is the winner. This is a solid activity that encourages kids to get after it. You can create these yourself or your students can with just about anything on them pictures, words, numbers. The only thing that limits you here is imagination.

The Best Way to Count a Group of Objects

Counting as a task within itself is quite complicated, and there is no point in making it more complicated than it already is. So, here is a very easy and the best method to help you count a group of objects properly. Count objects by making groups of 10. First, pick out all the objects that can be counted in tens such as 10, 20, 30, and so on. Once this step is done, you can easily get the individual numbers in groups of ones such as 5, 6, 7, and so on. When you count numbers in organized groups of tens or ones, the counting becomes easier, and you can keep track of the numbers that you have counted. When you have no arrangement whatsoever, you can forget which number you were in and that would cause you to start counting from one again.

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