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Money Matching Worksheets

It is time to empty our piggy banks to work with our students. Introducing counting United States coins with hands-on activities is definitely the way to go. Students love it! I often setup up a classroom store that they can buy little things for positive things they do in class. You should really think of creating your own classroom currency of some kind. It makes this unit simple. When students know they have the ability to spend those classroom bucks that are burning a hole in their pockets, they learn these things in minutes. The deal in my room is that we only accept exact change, if you show up with a value that is not exact, you cannot use the store for another week. So, students are forced to have accurate coin counts. These worksheets help preschool students match money to a value.

Aligned Standard: K.CC.B.5

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Lesson Sheets

All about matching the piggy bank or purse to the item or price tag.

  • Lesson 1 - The bag costs 3 cents. Look for the piggybank that has the same number of coins as the cost of the bag. Each penny is worth 1 cents. The piggybank you are looking for must have 3 coins in it.
  • Lesson 2 - 1 The football costs 6¢. Look for the purse that has the same number of pennies as the cost of the football. The purse you are looking for must have 6 coins in it. The first purse has 6 coins.
  • Lesson 3 - Match the cost of the objects to the correct amount of money needed to buy it.
  • Lesson 4 - Draw a line connecting the orange to the first purse.
  • Lesson 5 - The apple costs 5¢. Look for the purse that has the same number of pennies as the cost of the apple.

Practice Worksheets

Match the coin purses to the items.

  • Practice 1 - Ice cream cones and cupcakes.
  • Practice 2 - A slice of cake and more cupcakes.
  • Practice 3 - Match the cost on the objects to the correct purse by drawing lines between the objects and the purses.
  • Practice 4 - We move on to dollar values.

What Is the Value of each U.S. Coin?

Piggy Bank

The Penny - The penny is a coin that has a worth of one cent. That means, if you add 100 cents, you can make it a dollar. You can write one cent as 1¢ or $0.01. The average penny is in circulation for 25 years. They may look like cooper, that is what they first made of, but they are now made of a zinc-coated steel. Abraham Lincoln is on the penny.

The Nickel - The nickel is a coin with the value of 5 cents. That means if you have 20 nickels, you can make it a dollar. You can write one nickel as 5¢ or $0.05. You would think that this coin is made up entirely of the element Ni or Nickel, but the element Nickel on account for 25% of its composition. The rest is made up of copper. Thomas Jefferson is on this coin.

The Dime - The dime is a coin which has a worth of ten cents. In other words, the combination of 10 dimes will make it worth a dollar. You can write one dime as 10¢ or $0.1. Dimes are made of a similar composition of materials as nickels, but they are only made up of 8% of the element nickel. Franklin D. Roosevelt is on the dime. This is the lightest and thinnest of all of the United States coins.

The Quarter - The quarter coin has a value of 25 cents. Thus, four quarters make a dollar. You can write a quarter as 25¢ or $0.25. The quarter is the heaviest and largest of the commonly traded coins. It is made up of the same composition as dimes are. George Washington is on this coin.

There are also half dollar and dollar coins, but they are not commonly traded. Half dollars were once heavily used and as common as quarters, but since bearing the image of John F. Kennedy it primarily minted only for collectors. Dollar coins initially, when they were minted, they were circulating well, but ever since they removed precious metal from them, they were primarily seen as bulky and heavy. They are not commonly used today; some people do not even know they exist.

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