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Descriptive Math Modeling Worksheets

What is Descriptive Math Modelling? Using math for solving real world problems is important to learn as far as academics are considered. Once you have created a model, you will be able to use the mathematical equations that will help you solve your problems. The process of creating models such as these is called descriptive modelling. Descriptive modelling requires gathering information in the initial phases. Once you have catered to the difficult part where you find the answers, you create a model of a situation. You ask yourself what kind of calculations are involved here. You need to decide on the physics that show the force and its impact when two or more objects collide with each other. In the next stage, you label the variables based on your created model. Suppose you have two cars, and they both have a speed of travel and a force of impact. Then you will use your variables and other information to solve your problems. Once the variables have been labelled and other information, you can model then follow the model that helps you determine the speed at which object is traveling. These worksheets and lessons will help students better understand how use descriptive modeling to understand and solve real world problems.

Aligned Standard: HSN-Q.A.2

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Homework Sheets

The first sheet focuses on volume and the other two are on length.

  • Homework 1 - During an art project, Johnny wants to paste paper sheets on his project. He measures and finds that he needs 22 linear feet of paper sheet. Johnny went to the market, found the paper sheet he wanted.
  • Homework 2 - Replacing a Skoda car that gets 20 km per liter with a Tata car that gives 35km per liter.
  • Homework 3 - If Paul has $1,000, how would he get the maximum amount of truffles?

Practice Worksheets

Train students to focus on measure that you trying to find, not the object in question.

  • Practice 1 - For New Year, John wants to plastic carpets for his house. In the front part of his house he needs a 24 foot long plastic carpet. But he saw many lengths in the market.
  • Practice 2 - Which of the following would save more money if you bought these products fruits daily?
  • Practice 3 - You need to upgrade your fragrance. Which move would be the most cost effective?

Math Skill Quizzes

A real mixed bag of word problems and getting more familiar with units of measure.

  • Quiz 1 - On Christmas eve Janie has to buy many candles. When she went to the market she found different sizes of candles.
  • Quiz 2 - You need to upgrade the products in your store. Over the long haul, which move would be the most cost effective?
  • Quiz 3 - Ronny wants to buy some wallpaper for his room. In that room he needs 30 foot wallpaper.He went market and found some different cost wallpapers.

How are Math Models Used in Real Life?


Data analysis has played a much greater role in all of our lives lately. The unique thing about math models is that they allow us to spend more time working to find relationships and trends that may exist in the underlying math. Models are used to help us understand concepts and apply them to more generalized situations. We can draw our conclusions from the models that we create and make appropriate and well thought out decisions. The models often provide us with an accurately inferred prediction.

The simplest form of a math model would be a map of your local community. This map is based on a scale that you could use to accurately determine the distance between anything two things on the map. It can also be used to navigate this area with direction. A map is a math model because we can form accurate conclusions based on what it charts out for us.

There are so many industries that use mathematical models to make accurate predictions and decisions. We recently began to see models regularly to indicate the state of human health care. If you turned on any news program during the recent pandemic you would constantly see graphs that were used to indicate how many people tested positive, how many people were in the hospital, and how many people passed away. This was an indicator of the current state in time compared to the past. This way we could understand how bad it was or was getting. We also used models to show us the difference between people that were given and not given a vaccine. All of these numbers help medical professional understand how to best serve their patients.

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