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Word Problems That Use All Operations

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Aligned To Common Core Standard:

Grade 3 Operations - 3.OA.8

How to Determine the Type of Math Operations Used in Word Problems We know it is sometimes difficult to identify what type of math operation needs to be used in a math word problem. The main reason why so many students face the challenge is that they either don 't understand the problem or are unfamiliar with the terms that indicate the use of operations required. It is essential to understand the meaning of specific keywords that can help understand the use of operations. There are different types of subtractions involved in word problems such as: Partitioning: Given away, remove and Take away Inverse addition: how much more to be added. Some of the keywords include are: how many less, smaller, greater, how many are left, how many more and take away. Comparison: less than or more than Reducing: how many remaining or how many have been given away For division, the keywords that are used are: between, how many in each, divide, share, and cut up For multiplication, the keywords that are used are: twice, double, equal groups, altogether, times, and per each. These worksheets teach students how to identify keywords that give away the operations needed to complete word problems.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Homework Sheets

These problems were really fun to write and I'm sure the kids will enjoy.

  • Homework 1- If they share the toys equally, how many toys will each kid get?
  • Homework 2- A baker makes 4 dozen cakes. He sells 11 cakes on Monday and 27 cakes on Tuesday. He throws the rest out. How many cakes did he throw out?
  • Homework 3- Renee had filled the closet with 50 teddy bears. She had 4 boxes. She wanted to put the teddy bears evenly in the boxes. When she was done she had a few left over bears that would not allow her to make the boxes even. How many extra bears did she have?

Practice Worksheets

Each sheet is progressively harder as they become more abstract.

  • Practice 1- The zoo has a total of 98 guests today. 56 were there before lunch. How many guests went to the zoo after lunch?
  • Practice 2- There are two areas where dinosaurs are eating grass. The areas are separated by a large patch of trees. Area A has 34 dinosaurs and area B has 17 dinosaurs. A Tyrannosaurus Rex crushes the trees between them. Including the T‐Rex, how many dinosaurs are there on the field now?
  • Practice 3- Riley has 7 soccer balls. She has 12 more basketballs than soccer balls. There are 5 more footballs than soccer balls. How many balls does Riley have in all?

Math Skill Quizzes

The first quiz is a bit harder for kids.

  • Quiz 1- Jared was asked to rake all of the leaves. He raked the leaves into 6 different piles. He bagged 2 of the piles. His little brother played a trick on him and split all the remaining piles of leaves in half. How many piles of leaves are there now?
  • Quiz 2- The boys need 30 cones to setup their lacrosse field. Jim had 6 cones in his garage. Jason has 17 cones in his attic. How many more cones do the boys need?