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Creating Fractions from Story Problems

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Grade 3 Fractions - 3.NF.3

These worksheets help students read through word problems and identify when a fraction needs to be used to used within an operation. How to Recognize a Fraction in Math Word Problems? In the early stages, it is difficult for the students to differentiate between word problems that involve fractions and the ones that don't. Certain signs and terminologies can help you identify which math word problems have fractions in them. However, there are a few steps that you need to take to make sure you can identify fractions in word problems. Step 1: Make sure you read the problem carefully Step 2: Try to understand what the problem is asking for Step 3: Think about the information you need to solve this problem Step 4: Simplify the problem into a much more understandable manner Step 5: Think about if the problem is making any sense to you Step 6: Visualize the problem if possible
Let's try implementing these steps on an example There are 13 pieces of fruits in a basket, and out of those 13, 5 are apples. How can you represent that in a mathematical form? The total number of fruits will be the denominator and the portion signified goes in the numerator, i.e., 5/13 This type of fraction is called an irreducible fraction, which means that the problem cannot be solved any further.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Homework Sheets

Everything here is in the form of a word problem.

  • Homework 1- April was carrying 12 socks to the dryer. On the way to the dryer, she dropped 4 socks. What fraction of the socks does she still have?
  • Homework 2- Josh had 9 cookies. He gave 3 cookies to his friend Michael. What fraction of the cookies does Josh have left?

Practice Worksheets

I tried to make these problems really connect with kids. A baseball game and an animal shelter were a good start.

  • Practice 1- Coach Henry was reviewing some of his baseball team's statistics from the past season. Help coach answer the questions below.
  • Practice 2- The animal shelter had to report the number of animals it was housing to the State Animal Federation. Help them answer the questions below.

Math Skill Quizzes

We get back to the word problems for this order.

  • Quiz 1- George had 6 bars of soap. He always took a bath with 2 bars of soap. What fraction of the soap was dry after George took a bath?
  • Quiz 2- The airport was a very busy place this time of year. At the snack shack 3 people ordered coffee, 5 people ordered tea, and 7 people ordered water. What fraction of the people ordered tea?