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Express Whole Numbers as Fractions Worksheets

Students with will often ask why we learn topics in case because they are naturally inquisitive. It always helps to be able to show them exact where they can apply skills in the real world. This topic is falls of the rails as far as an explanation goes for as to why it is important to learn. This is a skill that will help students perform much more advanced operations that they are not ready for. I often tell students that you have to learn to walk before you can run. This topic shows students how to convert whole numbers to fractional forms. This comes in very handy when we begin to work with mixed numbers and fractional operations. It is of the utmost importance when students begin to cross multiply regularly because it can really simplify the number of necessary calculations. You will find that these worksheets and lessons consistently build upon one another.

Aligned Standard: Grade 3 Fractions - 3.NF.3C

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Homework Sheets

The first homework is a bit more abstract than the second homework.

  • Homework 1- Color 1 whole and write the fraction it shows.
  • Homework 2- Match the shaded shapes to the fractions that they show.

Practice Worksheets

Coloring parts of a whole. Naming visual fractions. We also introduce number lines and fractions here.

  • Practice 1- Write the fraction and whole number value of each shape.
  • Practice 2- Write 3 fractions that are equal to 1. Do not use a numerator greater than the number 10.

Math Skill Quizzes

Quiz 1 covers the basic of skills. Quiz 2 covers the skills that you can expect to find on national tests.

  • Quiz 1- Write the fractions below as whole numbers.
  • Quiz 2- Write the numbers missing in the fractions to complete the number lines.


How to Express Whole Numbers as Fractions

Whole numbers are a group of positive numbers; this group does not contain any negative numbers. These are numbers that are not broken into smaller fractions. Fractions divide whole numbers into smaller parts, that are not necessarily whole numbers themselves.

Here is a step-by-step guide that will help kids learn to express whole numbers as fractions.

Step 1: Writing as Fraction Over 1 - The first step is to write the whole number as a fraction with one as its denominator. You simply make the whole number the numerator and place a 1 as the denominator. If you want to convert 4 into a fraction you may write it as; 4/1.

Step 2: Choosing a New Denominator - The next step is to replace 1 with a new denominator. You need to choose a denominator based on the desired fraction size. If you want to convert 4/1 into halves, you will have to choose 2; if you want to convert it into a quarter, you will have to choose the number 4.

Step 3: Multiplying Both Numerator and Denominator - The next step is to multiply the numerator as well as the denominator by the number you chose in step 2. If you are converting the whole number 4 into half, you need to multiply the fraction from step 1 by 2/2.

4 = 4/1 x 2/2 = 8/2

You expand on that basic technique as long as you stay on that ratio. This will allow you to create fractional forms of whole numbers that allow you to make basic mathematical operations quicker under several different circumstances.

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