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Represent a Fraction on a Number Line

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Grade 3 Fractions - 3.NF.2

How to Represent a Fraction on a Numbers Line - Using the 'slices of pizza' is an old age trick of representing the fractions. Now it's time to think of something else that shows your grip on the fractions. Another way of representing fractions is to draw them on a number line. This way of representing fractions on a number line helps in a better understanding of the mathematical concepts concerning fractions. Placing fractions on a number line shows the intervals between two fractions. Now let's see how we can represent fractions on a number line. Consider the example: -2/3, 4/3, -5/3, 7/3 represent the fractions on a number line. Draw a line with 0 right in the middle of the number line. Mark negative values on the left side of 0 and positive on the right side from 1 to 7 or as required looking at numerators. The highest numerator number will be the last mark. Now divide each part further like 0 to 1, 1 to 2 into 3 smaller sections. At this point, you have the number line ready. To represent -2/3, jump 2 smaller sections on the left side of the 0. To represent 4/3 move 4 smaller sections on the right side of the 0 and continue the marking throughout the number line until all the fractions are represented. For every type of fraction, keep in mind to divide the marked parts into smaller parts looking at the denominator of the fraction.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Practice Worksheets

These sheets span all the boundaries of this standard.

  • Practice 1- What sum does the number line show?
  • Practice 2- Draw and mark a letter 'X' on number line.
  • Practice 3- An addition operation on a number line.
  • Practice 4- Draw and mark the fraction on number line.
  • Practice 5- Match the circle on the number line with the correct fractions.