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Add and Subtract within 1000 Worksheets

Tips for Subtracting Three-Digit Numbers - Subtraction is one of the most basic operations in mathematics. When you are subtracting two numbers, it means that a specific value is being reduced from another value. Let 's learn how we can subtract one three-digit number from another three-digit number. Suppose you have a number 236, and you have to take away or reduce 123 from it. So mathematically, you represent this problem by putting them vertically. First, write the number which is being reduced, and below will be the value dictating how much to be reduced. Like this, 236 - 123 = ? Remember, you always start subtraction from right to left, i.e. we start by deducting 3 from 6. Like this, 236 - 123 = 113 Let 's take another problem slightly more complex. How will you subtract 249 from 675? Remember, you can 't deduct a bigger number like nine from a smaller number like 5. In this case, you will borrow or carry 1 from the number on the immediate left of the first number which is 7. It will make 7 into 6, and the 5 will become 15. 15 minus 9 is 6, and the remaining process will be the same. 675 -249 = 426

Aligned Standard: Grade 3 Base Ten - 3.NBT.2

  • Mixed Step-by-step Lesson- Start with an expanded form problem, then move on to a sum and a difference.
  • Guided Lesson - These are pretty random. I was just trying to cover everything in a sort of shotgun approach, I guess.
  • Guided Lesson Explanation - This one is a complete walk through for each problem.
  • Practice Worksheet - We add and subtract vertically and then we ask kids to setup the problems themselves based on input / output chart.
  • Matching Worksheet - Find the missing part of each problem.
  • Answer Keys - These are for all the unlocked materials above.

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