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Round to The Nearest Ten or Hundred Worksheets

When we are trying to make sense of raw data or a stream of it, it is often helpful to work with numbers that in a round form. It makes them less distracting to work with which allows us to focus on understanding the data. This ultimately will allow us to make better decisions about the data. You should note that when we round, we are not working with exact numbers, but it gives us a good estimate of where the data stands. For example, at the time of writing this, it is estimated that 38,089,251 people live in Canada. We can round this to 38 million. Is that not a much easier number to consider? All those trailing integers take away from the meaning of the overall value. These worksheets start by showing students how to round to the tens place and then advances to the hundreds place.

Aligned Standard: Grade 3 Base Ten - 3.NBT.1

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Homework Sheets

Use the block or tape diagram to help you along with these.

  • Homework 1- This mean that we need to look at the ones column, if it is 5 or greater we round up, otherwise we round the tens place down. 5 is at the ones place, so we round the tens place up to. The final answer is 20.
  • Homework 2- Round 279 to the nearest hundreds place.
  • Homework 3- Round the values to their nearest underlined place value.

Practice Worksheets

We use words, place value charts and diagrams here.

  • Practice 1- What is 589 rounded to the nearest hundred?
  • Practice 2- Fill in the ones, tens, hundreds based on the numbers given. Round each number to the nearest tens and hundreds place.
  • Practice 3- Round to the nearest hundreds place.

Math Skill Quizzes

The first quiz is numbers based the second is word or sentence based.

  • Quiz 1- Round 340 to the nearest ten.
  • Quiz 2- Round to the nearest hundred.

How to Round to The Nearest Tens or Hundreds

Rounding numbers is one of the most common mathematical processes which are carried out by individuals on a daily basis. When we have a number in rounded form, it makes it easier to understand and it helps us make decisions quicker. While this is not the accurate measure, it does lead us in the right direction. You will find yourself applying this skill specifically to decimals, especially when you are making a conversion between percentages, decimals, and fractions. When you begin to calculate tips at restaurant or the tax you will be charged on an item that you are about to purchase. This skill is super handy.

A rounded number has more or less the same value as the actual value, but it is not the exact number. The reason we use this skill is to get a good estimate, not a full solution. For example, when 341 is rounded to the nearest hundred, you get 300. The reason being 341 is closer to 300 than it is to 400.

Here are some rules to follow while rounding off a number.

If the number being rounded off ends in a 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9, we would push up to the next available value. Example: when 67 is rounded off to the nearest 10, the answer will be 70.

If the number being rounded off is ends in a 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4, the number will be rounded down. For example, 62 rounded off to the nearest 10 will be 60.

Before rounding off, you first need to know what your place value of interest is in. On this topic we are focused just on tens and hundreds places, but numbers can be rounded up or down to any place value that you may come across. Consider the number 62,139:

When rounded to the nearest ten the answer will be 62,140

When rounded to the nearest hundred the answer will be 62,100

When rounded to the nearest ten thousand the answer will be 60,000

Focusing our attention on these lower place values is a nice place to start. As we advance to working with more complex values, the same basic fundamental principles apply. This is a skill that you will build upon all the way through middle school.

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