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Rapid Fire Vertical Addition Math Facts


Aligned To Common Core Standard:

Grade 1 Operations - 1.OA.6

How to learn to add quickly- It is essential to learn to do quick math mentally rather than using a calculator. It helps improve your counting skills and enables you to save time while increasing your mental capability. Can you count the below numbers in 5 seconds?
7 +5 +6 +4 +3 +8 +1 +4 =?
Your answer is most probably 38. If you couldn’t do it in five seconds, then don’t worry. Here are a few tips for you. The best trick of learning to add quickly is looking for complements, i.e., if you have a number 9, then you look for its complement 1. It will help you add numbers mentally. So, if we make a list of all complements it would be:
1 for 9
2 for 8
3 for 7
4 for 6
5 for 5
These numbers, when added with their complements, then you can the number 10. If you are adding double digit numbers such as:
21 + 36 + 33 + 61 =?
The answer is 151. A great way of dealing with double-digit addition is breaking them down into tens and one i.e.
20 + 1
30 + 3
30 + 6
60 + 1 It will greatly help you add numbers more effectively. These worksheets are great to flex your addition muscles.

Practice Worksheets

You say you need a plethora of practice sheets? This should help.

Mad Minutes

30 problems for you to manage in 60 seconds. Some teachers go for 60 problems. I attended a conference in Boston a few years back that cited research that a problem every 2 seconds is the optimal learning speed.