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Addition of Numbers (Under 100)

Grade 1 Common Core Math Standard

Aligned To Common Core Standard:

Grade 1 Numbers- 1.NBT.4

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Aligned To Common Core Standard:

Grade 1 Numbers - 1.NBT.4

How to Add Single and Double-Digit Numbers? Adding single- and double-digit numbers is the higher stage of learning numbers. A lot of young minds are unable to grasp the concept and can lag behind their friends. Here are some easy ways of adding single-and double-digit numbers. Adding Single Digit Numbers There are two methods of adding single-digit numbers. Method 1: Counting - Pick the first number of the sum, and this will be where your counting will begin. Count up from the starting number by the number of places as the second number of the sum. Method 2: Using Number Line - Make a number line from 1 till 9. Locate the first number of the sum on the number line and move places equal to the second single-digit number. The number at which the pencil stops will be the answer to the sum. Adding Double-Digit Numbers - Adding double-digit numbers can be complex. By following these rules, you can easily sole two-digital sums. Start from the Right Side- Start solving the sum from the right side. Sum the numbers on the right-hand side first and proceed from right to the left side of the sum. Carry the to the Left Side -When the sum of the numbers on the right-side is a two-digit number, write the righthand digit below the numbers on the right side, carry the left-hand digit to the left side of the equation. Now add the two numbers on the left side of the equation and the carried digit. These worksheets work through adding single and double digits together to top out at triple digit sum.